Joshua TX

At the heart of Johnson County in Texas is Joshua city. The city is a home Rule municipality with a population of just over 7000. It operates under a Council-Manager form of local government where the City Council is elected by voters.

Joshua city is located in the Cross Timbers region of Texas on the land patented by W.W Bayers. This section was then sold to John Powell in 1874. The first community in the area was Caddo Grove.

Joshua might not be as popular as other cities in Texas but it’s a vibrant and welcoming town. Another to visit. It is one of the places where you get to enjoy art in its purest form. You start at Fort Worth Museum of Science and history where you learn that your Alfred E. Newman poster doesn’t qualify to be art. Many museums in the area have exhibits and kids’ activities and they also offer reduced rates during specific times. If so, check out Tarrant County Black Historical and Gene or the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

For those who want to give their small children an experience of the zoo, Fort Worth Zoo is a great place to start or the Dallas Zoo. How about you take things a notch higher and go bowling? Call some friends or take your family to crush some pins as you enjoy fried food at the Cleburne pin Center Bowl. The epitome of fun. You can also pick a seven ten split at Don Carter’s All-Star Lanes. Read more about it.

After all these and many other activities, Joshua has a lot of places to get some caffeine in your body. You can enjoy some Cantaloupe Patch Flavored Coffee or sip a perfect Eggnog Latte. Sidebar Coffeehouse is a great place to start or Starbucks Coffee for a premium taste coffee.

In Joshua, you can hang out at Hoots, Gabriels, and First & Last Lounge. These are amazing chill spots for you and your friends to help you make the best of your visit in Joshua.