Godley TX

Godley is a small city in the northwestern part of Johnson County, Texas. It is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex on Texas State Highway. It has an estimated population of 1712 with a large growth rate. This is one of the cities in Texas where peace and quiet of rural living invites you to visit and relax your mind but with ample family activities to engage in.

Godley is a not so popular place but that doesn’t mean life gets boring in the area. It is a simple place with no flashy whistles or bells. It is a known sanctuary however for people who love living and visiting quiet, countryside cities. Another place to learn.

If you want to find family things to do in Texas, Godley has great things to offer. Start with enjoying art at Layland Museum Complex. You can even take your significant other on a first date here. Other alternatives include the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth or the Somervell County Museum. For those who love historical markers and structures to learn more about history, you won’t be disappointed. The Wright Building, Jones, Benjamin F, and Cottage buildings provide great insight. To learn more, the Cleburne Carnegie Library is worth checking out.

Godley has a great assortment of local state parks and other places to be outside and have fun. You can start with Carver Park and bask in the sun as you enjoy birdwatching. Your kids have ample green space here to play and skate. If you love the birds even more, you can experience them even better and fauna at Yellow Jacket Stadium. Next place. 

Take your family to Motorsport Ranch and let them have fun away from the hustle and noise of the busy city. Godley is one of those places you visit when you want to relax and unwind then have fun. You can hit TCBY and re-energize with ice cream which is great for the whole family here. The Cold Stone Creamery has awesome vanilla and some amazing decadent sorbets.

Welcome to Godley where you relax and unwind then have fun like never before.