Forest Hill TX

Forest Hill is a small suburb located in the south-central region of Tarrant, Texas. The area had an estimated population of 12,355 people during a 2010 census. The community is primarily made up of single-family homes and condominiums.

The town of Forest Hill has existed since around 1860. It began as a rural settlement, developed into a village through time, and now has a dynamic, diversified population of more than 13,000 people.

Initially called Brambleton Station, it went by the name Forest Hill Village. The land’s meadows and woodlands attracted settlers, and the region started to expand. By 1905, the only passenger road was Old Mansfield Road, and Forest Hill Drive was the only roadway in the community.

There are several facilities that you can use in Forest Hill, TX. The community has stores such as The Forest Hill store near the U-Store-It. There are also several parks within the area, Forest Hill Memorial Park, South Creek Linear Park, and Jewell Blanton Kelly Park.

It is a family-friendly community with many amenities. It has easy access to some of the best schools Tarrant county offers for kids and adults! Plus, it’s surrounded by great restaurants such as the MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes.

If you love art museums or nature walks, you’ll love the following places to visit in Forest Hills. Or this place!

Weston Gardens In Bloom – If you are a plant lover, this place will inspire you to create a better and more beautiful garden.

Log Cabin Village- An exciting destination to visit where you can view authentic historical artifacts, a way of life, and structures like log houses, schools, and blacksmith shops.

The Market at Forest Hill- A fantastic family-friendly flea market! While shopping, you may receive excellent cuisine as well as stuff you need and want

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Forest Hill- If you are looking for a comfortable and convenient to stay during your visit to Forest Hill, TX. Learn about the area.

Forest Hill is a small Tarrant, Texas community that features many great things to do and see. From art to history, this is a community that has it all! If you’re looking for an affordable place where you can live while enjoying all the amenities Austin offers, then Forest Hill may be just what you’re looking for!