Cresson TX

Cresson is a unique city located in Johnson, Hood, and Parker counties in Texas. The city is located at the corners of the three counties at the intersection of US Highway 377 and State Highway 171. It is 25 miles from Fort Worth and was incorporated in 2001.

The origin of the name of the city is lost to history. However, there is a book that suggests the city might have been named after John Cresson. He was the captain of a wagon train that camped here in this area before the start of the Civil War. According to history, it was once a progressive and thriving community serviced by two railroads, a bank, school, barbershop, hotel, general store and a number of other businesses.

For those interested in matters of historical importance, Cresson has you sorted. The city has a wide variety of historical places starting with Mercer County Fairgrounds, Mercer County Courthouse, and Hood County Courthouse Historic District. Find out more. These are some of the places to visit for people who would want to know more about the city and the state of Texas.

Maybe you want to refill and get caffeinated after a long day in Cresson. Starbucks Coffee has you sorted out. Maybe you are the type that loves to hang out and chill with friends. Betty’s Country Club Lounge is an ideal spot. Constance R Bandy and Huntley’s Inc are other amazing spots you can hang out.

For those who love taking families on a weekend getaway, Cresson has a lot to offer. From amusement places, artsy places, bowling areas and more. Are you up for a cruise along the Hill Country? Don’t miss out the experiences and fun filled adventure that awaits you in Cresson. Visit Cressona and make unforgettable memories with friends and family. Read next article.