Benbrook TX

In the southwest corner of Tarrant County is Benbrook town. A suburb of Fort Worth with an estimated population of 24,520. Compared to other towns in Texas, Benbrook is a vibrant and beautiful upcoming tourist destination outdoing many other large towns in Texas.

The first tourist attraction is Benbrook Lake an outdoor lake and one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the area. The lake is 4 kilometers south of the Interstate Highway 20 on Highway 377. Here, you can enjoy fishing, hunting, picnicking, camping, birdwatching and much more. It is a wholesome place to visit especially when you are with family or even friends. There is an activity for everyone to enjoy here. More info.

Benbrook Lake State Park is for those people who love basking in the outdoors. After a fun day of fishing, swimming and enjoying other activities, you come and bask to enjoy the great sceneries. Breathe in some fresh air as your kids enjoy playing around in the park.

For the adults, one can enjoy a championship golfing experience at an affordable cost when visiting Benbrook. The Whitestone Golf Club sprawls over 150 acres of green making it a perfect choice for anyone who loves golfing.

Paisano’s Italian café is where you head over to when you want to take a bit to replenish your energy. If you love Italian dishes, you will fall in love with Paisano’s. They have a selection of Italian dishes and it is slowly becoming a steadfast staple in the town. Their service is family friendly and their servings amazing especially with family.

For those who love Chinese takeout, WOW House takeout is here to wow you. It’s a good Chinese takeout restaurant offering great meals at a reasonable price.

The Dirty Laundry is a chill spot with good vibes and your drinks won’t take forever after you order. It is a nice chill spot so make sure to come in early for the night as it is fully packed at times.

Benbrook TX is a weekend getaway worth location. Whether you are with family or friends, you can be certain to have a good time here and make fun memories. Other places to visit.