Alvarado TX

Alvarado is a city in Johnson County, Texas. It is the oldest city in the county and has an estimated population of 4,730. Alvarado TX was established in 1854 and named after a Spanish officer who bravely fought with Texans in the Mexican War. The city resides in what was a railroad center and trading post in the 1800s. Find out more here.

Alvarado might be a small town but it is rich in history and glamour. It is a great destination for history buffs and people who love travelling to see amazing sceneries in the Hill Country. Alvarado is a rural community with an agricultural influence making it an amazing place to stay especially for retirees.

Visiting Alvarado as a family is great and it offers plenty of places for you and your family to enjoy life. You start off at Country Critter Farm. Here, you enjoy a whole afternoon of family entertainment and let your children have a good time at the petting zoo and bounce houses.

The Roadside Museum is a great place to learn more about the history of Alvarado. For people who love their privacy, The Woodbine House is an amazing place to visit. It is an ideal place for a private wedding and is popular especially among the young couples. It’s a lovely little house in the dense trees offering you complete privacy.

After a day of playing and enjoying Alvarado, its time to eat and dine. Learn more about the area. Massey’s BBQ is a great place to start. They have a diverse menu giving you an amazing outdoor dining experience. If you want takeout, it is available as well so you can enjoy the delicacies on the road. Taqueria Torres also offers great food and excellent services. Their carne asada with nopales is breathtaking and their cucumber agua rocks.

For those people who love travelling, Alvarado TX is one place you must have on your bucket list. It is great to learn the diversities of the Hill Country and enjoy some time with your family away from the hustle and bustle of the city.